Monday August 27, 2018

***A few quick announcements:
– beginning Sept 10th, we will be adding a 930am class
– on the same date, and for the following two weeks, all classes will be free for former crossfit128 members and anyone new to crossfit that wants to try it out. spread the word to family and friends…..a great way to get (back) into crossfit and see what its all about
– new apparel will be arriving in the next couple weeks incorporating the new logo design. the t-shirts were purchased through Born Primitive***

1) Accessory:

5×8 – Seated DB Strict Press

5×8 – Barbell Bent Over Row

5×20 – Ab Mat Sit Ups

5x:30 sec – Plank Hold

2) “Thunder Rolls”


10 Burpees

25 Double Unders

10 Ring Dips

25 Double Unders