Monday July 16, 2018

Athlete of the Month: Jenn Trodden

“Um woah….athlete of the month on my one year anniversary?! I don’t even know where to start with this whole “write up” thing for being athlete of the month but, here it goes….
I come from a somewhat competitive/athletic background with sports but, the main sport I have been involved with is/was swimming.  Since being a competitive swimmer for a solid 20 years (and with many shoulder and knee injuries along the way), swimming was always a part of my ‘daily routine’ (which was: morning practice, school, high school practice, afternoon club practice, homework, bed, repeat…).  That being said, there wasn’t much time for thinking ahead and for what would come after high school except go to college and continue this crazy sport.

I swam at the University of Maine for 4 years and it wasn’t until the end of my senior year, that I had absolutely NO idea of what the next chapter of my life would be.  Swimming had always been a major part of my life and being a part of a team (and swimming) was all I really ever knew.

Without swimming on an actual ‘team’, I continued to workout solo, and was getting sick of just going to the gym/pool alone.  After I graduated college I felt that I was a stand still and was missing being a part of a team.  My mom’s boyfriend suggested I go with him to his CrossFit gym in Woburn to ‘try out a class’.  So I did, and from that moment on, I was hooked.  I finally felt like I found a new sport/hobby, and have met some amazing people through this process.  The CrossFit community is definitely something special (which I am SURE you all know what I am talking about, that’s why you all come to our gym, duh!).

Before joining CrossFit 128, I was teaching PE at a charter school and found myself again, at a standstill and mentally burnt out career wise.  Not being able to make the workout classes in the mornings at my old gym, was taking a toll on me mentally and physically, I needed a change and fast.

I came to CrossFit 128 last June to meet with Suzie and try a workout.    I will never forget the first time I came to CF128 as everyone was beyond welcoming, kind, supportive, fun, and just AWESOME (seriously, EVERYONE introduced themselves and I could not keep track of everyone’s names…sorry guys!) I immediately signed up right then and there after the workout. As the months went on as being a member, I finally felt like I had not only become a part of a team again, but also a part of another family.

After being a part of the CF128 community for a year, I not only got stronger and made new lifelong friends, but (here comes the sappy stuff…) also filled a spot in my heart with a new team and community to be a part of.  Our gym is special, everyone is so supportive and encouraging which is why I am I am proud to say I am a part of this amazing place.   The members at our gym make this place another ‘home away from home’ and the coaches are absolutely amazing at what they do, 4REAL!   EVERYONE genuinely wants to see you happy and healthy, and most importantly, having fun while working out!  THANK YOU EVERYONE! Keep up the great work and keep being yourself. Much Love.”

1) Endurance:


2x200m, 400m, 2x200m

Rest 1 min between


2x250m, 500m, 2x250m

Rest 1 min between

2) “Brazberries”


6 Deadlift (275/185)

4 Over Bar Burpees

2 Rope Climbs