Monday June 11, 2018

Athlete of the Month: Yuichi Nishi

“I always knew I should work out regularly. I had gym memberships, but barely used them. I was too conscious about lifting the lightest weight in the gym. Running on the treadmill and working out on those machines felt so boring and I didn’t (and still don’t) have enough motivation nor discipline to engage in such mundane activities by myself. I never enjoyed exercising to begin with: I never played sports and dreaded physical education classes growing up. 

   A couple of years ago, I noticed my colleague was looking at some website every afternoon and saying things like “Yes! I love toe-to-bars!” or “Oh no…. overhead squats again?”.  I politely ignored him initially… but eventually got curious enough to ask him what it was all about.  Of course he was checking WODs for his evening Crossfit class. I was intrigued, but at the same time intimidated because I was clearly out of shape and thought I would embarrass myself in a fitness program with “Elite Fitness” in the motto… I signed up eventually, but it took almost a year to make up my mind.

   I enjoyed it right from the beginning, to my surprise. Not because I performed well obviously.  But I found it fun to practice many different skills. Soon I started seeing progress here and there and that was very motivating.  My current and past gym-mates and coaches have been always supportive and that made all the difference.  The class format works very well for me, because I have endless excuses not to do overhead squats, or not to work out at all, like my old days, if workout program is all up to me. With Crossfit, I just show up everyday and follow the day’s program. This works very well because it forces me to work on things I don’t like and to work harder than I would otherwise. What I’m still amazed about of all is that I, who always hated working out, now look forward to coming to the gym everyday!”

1) Deadlift:


*increasing weight each set

2) “Surfer On Acid, With a Twist”

3 Rounds for time

400 Meter run

21 Burpees 

12 Thrusters (95/65)

*16 min time cap