Wednesday May 9, 2018

***Next Saturday May 19th will be the Dumbbell Throwdown, there are still spots available if anyone still wants to sign up! Workout hints will start coming out at the end of the week 🙂 If you have already signed up if you could get in your $30 as soon as you can.

Some people have asked if they can just donate money, thats fine but we will also be starting the raffle and 50/50 sale next Monday 5/14! We already have a few raffle items donated, if anyone else has a donation item try to get that in as soon as possible too!

All proceeds from the raffle and competition will be going towards new gym equipment!!***

(sneak peak raffle item!)

1) Handstand Push Up/Push Up Skill:

-4x :30 Handstand Hold/High Plank Hold :40

-4×10 Seated DB Strict Press

-4×2 “Box Walks”

2) “The Next Stop”

For time:


Deadlifts (225/155)

Ring Dips

*10 min time cap