Tuesday May 1, 2018

***There’s still time to sign up for the Dumbbell Throwdown and if you have already signed up get your entry fee in as soon as you can! 50/50 raffle sales will start on Monday May 14th, we have had a few people offer up raffle items already! If you have anything to offer up and donate please feel free to do so!***

1) Muscle Up/Pull Up Skill Work:

-3×10 Strict Pull Ups

-3×10 Bent Over Barbell Row

-3x :40secs Hollow Hold

10 mins to work on Muscle Up Transitions and Kipping Pull Ups

(Ring Thing, Banded Ring Pull Downs, Box Transitions, etc.)

2) “Ta-da Tabata”

Tabata, 8 Rounds, :20 on/:10 off:

-Hand Release Push Ups

-Sit Ups

-DB Hand Clean and Jerk (50/35)

-Double Unders