Wednesday April 4, 2018

Committed Club, March 2018:

-Steph H.     -Paula

-Bob     -Haley

-Eddie      -Danielle

-Julie      -Amanda

-Josh     -Laura

-Sarah     -Lindsey M.

-Jenn      -Michelle V.

-Lauren     -Lindsey Grealish

-Matt L.     -Tina

-Yuichi     -Jeanne

-Meredith     -Craig

-Cristina     -Geoff

-Brendan     -Bethany

-Tommy     -Kendra

-Kate     -Sam W.

-Kevin W.


1) Power Cleans:


*increasing weight, all touch and go reps unbroken, take time between sets

2) “Oh My Grace”

For time:

1000m Row (or 800m run)

15 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

100 Air Squats

15 Clean and Jerks

*13 min time cap