Monday April 2, 2018

***A lot of people have been asking about more muscle up work. We will be programming a muscle up/pull up skill day once a week to dedicate some time to work on these skills as well as one workout each week with ring muscle ups/bar muscle ups/pull ups. There were so many people that were SO CLOSE to their first muscle up or pull up this year in the Open!***

1) Muscle Up/Pull Up Skill Work (10-15 mins)

Muscle Ups:

-Spend 2-3 mins on low rings with band, transition work

-3×10 Ring Rows with feet elevated

-3×10 Kip Swings on High Rings

Pull Ups:

-3×10 Strict Pull Ups (with or without band, make them challenging)

-3×10 DB Rows each arm

-3×10 Kip Swings on Pull Up Bar

2) “Buffalo Dip”

4 Rounds for time:

5 Hang Power Cleans (185/135)

12 Ring Dips

60 Double Unders

*12 min time cap