Monday March 12, 2018

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Athlete of the Month: Lindsy Connolly

“Wow I am so honored to be Athlete of the Month!
I have always been athletically inclined ever since I was little, playing sports like soccer, gymnastics, baseball, softball, skiing, golf, running track etc. Ever since I graduated high school and no longer played organized sports other than the occasional intramural league, pickup game or 5k road race, I’ve always looked for ways to stay in shape and keep my competitive juices flowing. Unfortunately, the conventional gym where I was left to my own devices to get a real workout in just didn’t cut it. I never pushed myself enough primarily because there was no one to hold me accountable. I needed something else…
Back in 2012, I was working on the Reebok advertising account at an agency in Boston and our clients told us about their new partnership with this thing called CrossFit. They talked about things like WODs, burpees, AMRAPs and EMOMs and, while very confused at what it all meant, knew I had to check it out. Conveniently, a CrossFit gym was opening in the Back Bay near our office so a (brave) coworker and I signed up for a trial class once it opened. I honestly forget what that first workout involved but after I peeled my sweaty, sore self off the floor afterwards, I was hooked and kept going to that gym for almost 2 years up until I changed jobs and moved offices across town, out of Back Bay.
Up until September 2016, I was very much missing the CrossFit environment. My basement “gym” was less than ideal, there were no amazing people cheering me through the workouts and encouraging me to push myself, and the pseudo CrossFit workouts I found on Pinterest just weren’t the same as the real thing. I saw an ad for CrossFit128 on Facebook and decided to dive back in! I met Suzie for my first class – a Friday 9am class (RIP!) – and immediately knew this is exactly what I was lacking for the last few years!
Shortly after signing up for CrossFit, I decided to run the Boston Marathon (YOLO right?!) so had to split my time between running and the gym but knew that CrossFit would play such an important role in helping me physically AND mentally through those 26.2 miles so incorporated it into my training. Luckily there were no thrusters or burpees on the course (thank god) but the need for endurance was there and so it really paid off!
Aside from the competitive, ever-changing nature of the workouts, my absolute favorite thing about CrossFit128 is YOU GUYS. From the amazing coaches to the incredible members (and Brady!!) each and every one of you hold a special place in my heart and inspire me to push myself a little harder each class – lift a little more weight… go for the Rx workout… sign up for the Open this year (go Team MLB! And congrats to everyone so far – you all are CRUSHING it!!!). I’m so grateful for all of the friendships I’ve made over the last 18 months (shout-out to 6am and noon classes!!) and look forward to the next class where we can (and always do) achieve great things! :)”


1) Pick two weakness movements

E2MOM 14

Min 1: movement 1

Min 2: movement 2

*Skill movements to work on: MU’s (bar or rings), Double Unders, HSPU’s, Kipping or Pull Ups.

2) “Half Cindy”


5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats