Wednesday February 14, 2018

Ok guys, so a little more information about the CF128 Open Teams:

– The teams are going to be picked by the coaches, we will host a “draft night” were coaches will take turns picking their team (start sucking up to your favorite coach now!)

– Point will be scored more on participation then on what score you get in each workout

– As we have done in years past every Friday the Open workout will be scheduled in class. Friday night we would like to get as many people to participate as possible, “Friday Night Lights.” It’s always more exciting with a big group of people throwing down for the workout!

– If you ordered an Open T-shirt they should be here this week! Last year we did “Blackout Friday” because we ordered black shirts. This year it’s going to be “Red Friday” even if you didn’t order an Open shirt you can still wear any red t-shirt!

– How to earn team points are as follows:

1. Just for showing up for the workout (1pt)

2. Officially registering and posting your score every week (1pt)

3. If you are in the top three (RX or Scaled) in the gym for the workout (1pt)

4. Rocking a red tee on “Red Friday” (1pt)

5. Participating in Friday Night Lights (working out or just helping judge) (2pts)

6. All your teammates do the workout in the same class together (5pts)

– The coaches draft with be next Wednesday Feb 21 (day before the Open), make sure you are registered before then! You can still register after, you will just become a ‘free agent’ 😉


1) Squat Snatch

Build to Heavy single rep

2) “Warning Track Power”

For Time:

1000m Row

Followed by…

3 Rounds:

10 Squat Snatches (95/65)

20 Push Ups

30 Double Unders

*13 min time cap