Thursday November 9, 2017

Athlete of the Month: Paula Lopes

“Me, athlete of the month? You sure? I was definitely not an athlete growing up and it wasn’t until after college that I started working out regularly…meaning I did spinning, kickboxing, and zumba, haha. Lifting weights scared me and the only weights I did were 8lb. dumbbells, 10 if I was feeling crazy. In November 2013, I saw a Groupon for AE Crossfit and thought I would give it a try. The warm-up was a mile run, which as you all know, I am sooooo good at running and love it so much, haha. The rest of the wod was 10 -1 OH Squats, burpees, and pull-ups. I was so sore and could barely move for a week. After that, I was hooked. Crossfit has made me the strongest I have ever been and has made me realize I can do things I never thought I could. I switched over to Crossfit 128 in June and felt welcome immediately. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. Shout out to the 5:00 am’ers…I love seeing all the familiar faces that early in the morning. Also, to my nooners…I miss you guys but will be back over the summer (sorry 5 am’ers). Also, to all the coaches, Suzie, Danielle, Deena, Britt, Adam, Mike and Kevin, you guys keep us going and always keep us on track even on the most chaotic days! Lastly, to my ride or dies, Jenn and Sam, who always yell at me when I am taking too long of a break.”

**Sports Massages with Paige today!!**

3:00pm – Michelle G. (60 mins)

4:00pm – Deena (60 mins)

5:00pm – Eddie (60 mins)

6:00pm – Kevin M. (30 mins)

6:30pm – Patrick (30 mins)


1) Skill: HSPU’s and Rowing

2) “Fairy Godmother”

25 Handstand Push Ups

500m Row

25 KB Swings (53/35)

500m Row

25 Handstand Push Ups

500m Row

25 KB Swings

500m Row

*20 min time cap