Wednesday August 16, 2017

***Save the Dates!!***

– Fall Nutrition Challenge will start Monday Sept. 11 – Oct 16, more details to come!

– CrossFit Team Series starts Sept. 20 – Oct 2! In years past CrossFit has done the Team Series as 4 person teams, this year they are switching it up to teams of 2 (guy/guy, girl/girl, or girl/guy). We will be doing this workouts in the gym so whether you would like to officially sign up or not is up to you. But maybe start searching for that perfect teammate now! For more information click HERE

– Summtynose Half Marathon or 5K is on Sunday Oct 1!

– Fall In-House Throwdown Sunday Oct 8, more details and sign up sheet coming soon!


“Heavy Hitter”

For Max Load:

Every 5 mins for 30 mins:

400m Run

5 Snatches

*Score is total weight lifted over 30 reps

*Add weight, keep the same weight or take away weight each round

*If you miss a lift it counts as one of your rep attempts. The weight is not added to your total