Thursday June 22, 2017

***We have a special deal for you guys! RPM Jump Rope is offering us a discount rate for 10 jump ropes! These are very nice ropes, they usually sell for $55 and up. But your discount rate is $40!!! You get to pick the color of your handle (black, gray, green, blue, pink, red, purple, orange or clear) and will come with gray rope. For an additional $5 you can choose your rope color if you’d like (black, forest green, white, blue, pink, purple, teal, green, yellow, red or orange). There is a sign up sheet in the gym for these, first come first get! Cash only please.***

1) “Charlie Brown”


200m Run

40 Sit Ups

30 Air Squats

20 Push Ups

10 Burpees

2) Skill Day 2:


Row: 500/400m x 5

Rest :45 secs between intervals

HSPU’s/Push Ups:

5 rounds:

hold two KBs in the front rack, alternating strict presses x4 reps each arm

15 pushups

20 hollow rocks

Pull Ups:

Every :30s x10 minutes (20 rounds)

Choose a (low) number!