Wednesday June 14, 2017

Athlete of the Month: George Carino

“I played football in college and maintained an active lifestyle into my 30’s. As I advanced in my career and started a family I had little time to focus on my health and well being. In my mid 30 I had open heart surgery to fix a congenital problem and, at that time, I lost a lot of weight. Soon there after I slipped back in my old habits and put the weight right back on. One year ago June 2016 was the heaviest time of my life. At that time a good friend who lived a similar lifestyle and had kids the same age as mine, passed away. I looked myself in the mirror and said enough is enough. I managed a strict diet for 6 months to get myself on track and lost a significant amount of weight. In December of 2016 I was seeking to take myself to the next level, build muscle mass and maintain my weight loss. I ran into Kerry who told me about CrossFit 128. A day later I got a call from Eric Neenan who I played football with in college who encouraged met to give CrossFit a shot. Crossfit is one of the best decision I have made in my fitness journey. I have learned a lot about myself, I have realized though my individual success that I can set goals and achieve them.”


7 rounds:

10 Jerks (95/65)

10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

100 Meter Sprint

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

*20 min time cap