Monday June 12, 2017

***Bear Grips will be here for the 5:30pm class for you all to test out their products!***

**Next Monday, June 19th, we will be starting an “extra skills session.” This is based off the information you all provided for us from the goals sheets we have generated three different sessions you can choose from, Endurance, HSPU’s/Push Ups, and Pull Ups. Each session should last 5 weeks, we will allow time at the end of class to complete your skill two days per week (Mon & Thurs/Tues & Fri alternating weeks). If you miss a day you can either complete it on your own time before class, after class or during Open Gym, or just pick up where you left off on the next scheduled day. If you know you need to work on more then one of these skills, don’t worry!! We will continue with a new session after the 5 week period is complete. Start thinking now about what you would like to start with, this is not mandatory you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.**

*There will be a temporary schedule change starting July 10th!!! We are going to have a trial period for the month of July changing our night classes to a 5pm and 6pm time slots! Our night class is starting to grow and splitting the 5:30pm seems to be our best option.*

1) Back Squats:

3×5, @ 60%

3×3, @ 70%

2) “Bear Grips”


Power Cleans (135/95)

Handstand Push Ups

Wall Balls (20/14)

*14 min time cap