Wednesday January 18, 2017

Some words from our Athlete of the Month: Joe Buscanio

I came to CrossFit 128 by chance in August of 2015. Previously, I had become fed up with the weight I had put on and the shape I was in (round) so I began to diet and run and eventually shed 40+ lbs. Although I was feeling better, I was still feeling weak so I decided to sign up for some obstacle runs and participated in some boring gym workouts. I recruited my wife to participate in the obstacle runs with me and to get ready she decided to join CrossFit 128. After the first class, she came home to tell me that it was exactly what I was looking for and I should visit the gym. After my first class I was hooked. The atmosphere and camaraderie at 128 is unlike any gym experience I have had over the last twenty years. The fellas (and ladies) in the 5 am class (lead by Suzie), Craig, Dan, Erik, Irene, Katie, etc. give everything they have every day and because I want to keep up it pushes me to surpass previous boundaries. We really test our limits and Suzie is always there to make sure we keep good form and don’t get sloppy, making ourselves less susceptible to injury. Over the last 18 months I have gotten to know my body, understanding when to push it and when to pump the brakes. CrossFit has become a way of life, I often travel for work (and for pleasure) and will select my hotels based on distance to the nearest BOX. I’ve enjoyed visiting gyms in Aruba, Utah, California, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, Florida, Washington D.C., amongst others, and although it is a lot of fun to see how other gyms are run it is always great to get back to 128 and see my friends. CrossFit to me is a commitment that I make to be the best I can be physically. The WODs incorporate so many different exercises; I am using my body in its entirety and am now doing things that I thought were impossible not too long ago. Rather than living in the past and reminiscing about athletic glories from twenty years ago, I am creating new highlights that I can be proud of. I feel better in my 40’s then I did in my 30’s. Thank you to all the great coaches and teammates for keeping me on track.

Joe Buscaino



1) Push Press: 5×3, increasing weight

2) “Wile E. Coyote”

3 rounds:

60 Double-Unders

30 Wallballs (20/14)

15 Deadlifts (225/155)

*12 min time cap