Monday December 9, 2017

***It is that time of year again, the CrossFit Open is right around the corner! Some of you have participated in past years, some of you are new this year and have never experienced the Open before. For the next five weeks we will be retesting past Open workouts, most likely running two heats each class, switching between performing the workout as well as judging our fellow class mates.***

“Open WOD 13.2”


5 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Deadlifts

15 Box Jumps

RX: (115/75), (24/20)

Scaled: (95/55), (20)

*Step ups ARE ALLOWED in this workout

Check out movement standards HERE!


Extra Credit: Jan 9-14

1) AMRAP15

20/15 Calorie Row

20 Air Squats

2) 2 Mins Max Double Unders

3) 3 Rounds:

20 Sit Ups

20 Supermen

20 Hollow Rocks